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"I’m not afraid, Gaius."

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I Write Sins Not Tragedies

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reasons to let me cuddle you:

  • I will stick my cold hands all over your body
  • I’ll probably fall asleep on you and make cute sleep noises
  • I can lay there long enough for the second coming of christ
  • nuzzling???
  • I will be smiling the whole time
  • you’re warm and I’m not
  • let me leech your heat
  • please

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This puzzle consists of four hinged pieces which can be folded one way to a square and the other way to an equilateral triangle. Master puzzler Henry Dudeney demonstrated a wooden model before the London Royal Society in 1905.

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This is lovely and awesome. It’s a GIF from a thank you video that Lupita made once she reached one million Instagram subscribers. 

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A World Globe Made Out of Thousands of Individually Painted Matchsticks

part of me appreciates the art and part of me wants to set it on fire

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I like how Mother Gothel finds a bar with sounds of men singing echoing from it and she’s all like

yep rapunzel is definitely here

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